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New Cables

CVS LK 3CAT6SF 4RG6- Specially designed hybrid cable for live entertainment and broadcast applications, with MADI digital audio and HD-SDI video in mind.

CVS LK FO4SM 8/5- Hybrid Fiber Optic and 5x 8awg for power Hybrid Cable, perfect for long Front of House and control runs.

AES/EBU 24AWG Purple Jacketed Cables - AES/EBU 24 awg cable with a purple jacket, popular in the US. Available in patch, portable, and multicore versions.




LKR Chain Motor Fly Cable Connectors - "P7" and "P14" bayonette style chain motor fly cable connectors with the same restyling and construction of the standard military conenctor Link has become known to provide for the most rugged, and easy to use connector on the market.


LKG 32/3E 4RG6 - A new connector additon to the LKG range of rugedized gigabit connectors, with 3x Gigabit ethernet conenctions and 4x RG6 coaxial contacts. Matches with our Eurocable CVS LK 3CAT6SF 4RG6 hybrid cable with the same configuration. Perfect for MADI and HD-SDI signal transmission in combination with other singals and data.


PD Link

Mains and distibuted power distribution solutions designed and customized for you.




Widget Link

Send multiple signals down Cat5 and Cat6 cable.




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